Definition of on the table in English:

on the table

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  • Offered for discussion.

    ‘our offer remains on the table’
    • ‘I did have my chance to go, the chairman told me there were two or three offers on the table.’
    • ‘Several clubs have been in touch and there are already a number of offers on the table.’
    • ‘The letter said you have seven days in which to sign, or the offer will not be on the table.’
    • ‘Workers have been offered a hefty redundancy package as part of a deal already on the table.’
    • ‘I can deny that there are any proposals on the table and there is not likely to be, not at this stage.’
    • ‘In fact I am the only British leader that has ever said I would put the rebate on the table.’
    • ‘He has given the council until the end of the month to put a plan of action on the table.’
    • ‘If they have an alternative they should be coming forward and putting it on the table.’
    • ‘They should simply take a big deep breath and adopt a number of the proposals now on the table.’
    • ‘The proposal on the table would cut production workers' pay from about $27 an hour to $22 an hour on July 3.’