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‘Most of the patients were admitted because of cardiovascular, peripheral vascular, oncological, hepatic, or gastrointestinal disorders.’
  • ‘Also, unlike oncological chemotherapy, invasive cardiology or neurosurgery, for example, psychopharmacology is hardly rocket science.’
  • ‘This technique generally has been avoided in obstetrics and oncological surgery for fear of introducing foreign materials (eg, amniotic fluid, fetal cells, cancer cells) into the circulation with potentially devastating results.’
  • ‘Because of their weekly visits for chemotherapy and their need for ancillary hospital facilities and oncological expertise, however, patients became attached to the unit, which became a primary provider of care.’
  • ‘This course may be punctuated by the positive or negative effects of palliative oncological treatment.’
  • ‘The type of surgical intervention performed or oncological treatment prescribed is based on a combination of the scores.’
  • ‘The ward in Rotterdam had the fewest general paediatric cases, containing children with cardiac, oncological, renal, and respiratory disease.’
  • ‘Some attempts have been made to study symptoms of possible oncological significance among patients presenting to general practitioners.’
  • ‘As a consultant, she undertook technically challenging specialist work, providing anaesthesia for burns surgery, paediatric plastic surgery, and major oncological surgery.’
  • ‘In Italy no formal guidelines recommend deep sedation for oncological procedures and only the last guidelines of the Italian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology recommend sedation for endoscopies.’
  • ‘Under any protocol, an elderly anaemic lady with advanced malignancy is not an oncological emergency requiring urgent assessment, especially if she is 20 miles away in another hospital.’
  • ‘Prior to this position, she worked as a staff nurse with patients who had medical, general surgical, oncological, and cardiac health problems.’
  • ‘He was also jointly responsible for oncological and leukaemia services and worked with the Medical Research Council leukaemia trials and British lymphoma trials.’
  • ‘Plasmapheresis has been available for decades and is most commonly used in treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, myasthenia gravis, sickle cell crisis, and oncological disorders such as lymphoma and multiple myeloma.’
  • ‘To conclude, Chinese herbal medicine is the therapy of choice in treating the side-effects of Western oncological treatments, and is proven in its effectiveness.’
  • ‘Application of sham trials to more complex areas would be more difficult, and it would be mostly prohibitive with respect to oncological surgery.’
  • ‘The access to care and surgical and oncological treatment of women from affluent and deprived areas were similar.’
  • ‘On Sunday the town of Rakovski opened a second centre for home carers servicing over 60 people suffering from diabetes, and neurological or oncological diseases.’
  • ‘However, increasing evidence of the benefits, and in particular the oncological safety, 6-8 of immediate reconstruction has led to it becoming the first choice of treatment in many centres.’
  • ‘Long-term data collection needs to be compiled to study survival rates, but oncological outcomes have been similar with the Montsouris study population to those of open procedures.’



/ˌänkōˈläjək(ə)l/ /ˌɑnkoʊˈlɑdʒək(ə)l/