Definition of one's bounden duty in English:

one's bounden duty

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  • A responsibility regarded as obligatory.

    ‘the Pastor believed that it was his bounden duty to keep them on the right path’
    • ‘Or would they regard it as their bounden duty to safeguard the state and prevent more of their citizens from being annihilated by all possible means?’
    • ‘I'm sorry to have to be writing in such a tone, but facts are facts and the undeniable fact is that the traders have just walked away and abandoned what I believe is their bounden duty of contributing towards the Christmas lights.’
    • ‘To be in service of the country's destiny is the Government's honour and its bounden duty.’
    • ‘Mostly so far I have been failing in my bounden duty.’
    • ‘The waste of a country's most precious assets - the talent and energy of its people - makes it the bounden duty of government to seek a real and lasting cure.’
    • ‘Some may even forget that they have an inner self and it is their bounden duty to protect and nurture it for a peaceful life.’
    • ‘Consequently, it is the bounden duty of the Centre to ensure that no State acts unilaterally.’
    • ‘I hope, Helen, you won't think it your bounden duty to compose your face and manners.’
    • ‘Jonathan, too, held it his bounden duty to entertain me with his lighter anecdotes of his travels on the Continent, and I began to feel more kindly towards him than I had for the past twelve months.’
    • ‘It was the bounden duty of the hierarchy to make the necessary arrangements even to help them get some refreshments for the players after the match.’