Definition of one-click in English:



  • Denoting a process or procedure that can be completed with one click of a button on a computer mouse, touchpad, etc.

    ‘more than six million songs are available for preview and one-click purchase’
    • ‘Macro statements make checking answers and rerandomizing cells a simple 'one-click' process for the student.’
    • ‘Everything that makes art compelling is blunted by the virtual, one-click world of the Net.’
    • ‘And don't bother with a credit card: It's all embedded in your one-click settings.’
    • ‘This program features simple database design, customized reports, and one-click Web publishing.’
    • ‘In addition to remembering passwords and filling out forms, it offers one-click signups at new sites, an e-mail manager and universal search for shops and stocks.’
    • ‘One-click shopping is probably the thing that distinguishes it from other places I can go to do the same transaction.’
    • ‘It has long enabled users to report spam, but this is the first time it has provided a one-click solution.’
    • ‘They accept advertising from online casinos and display these ads to viewers in the U.S. - including an easy one-click link to place a bet.’
    • ‘Some displays offer a range of one-click adjustments that will optimize settings for uses such as text, games, or movies.’
    • ‘Red, yellow and green lights provide a quick visual summary of hardware health and a tabbed window interface gives you one-click access to the details of each hardware subsystem.’
    • ‘With one-click unsubscribe, marketers need to work closely with publishers to deliver the right ad through the RSS channel.’
    • ‘The virtual image is then unmounted - a one-click function - and the system is rebooted back to the original OS.’
    • ‘For one thing, the elegant, minimalist interface is wonderfully intuitive, offering one-click access to all the main features.’
    • ‘One-click shopping and various friendly touches make it easy to complete transactions.’
    • ‘Simply provide your site URL and select a few optional settings and with one-click ease you will have a sitemap, ready to go.’
    • ‘With the same, one-click simplicity, you can clean your Internet usage information.’
    • ‘Everything to do with files and folders has been simplified to one-click tasks.’
    • ‘In addition, not all albums are offered in one-click form, even though all the songs from an album are there.’
    • ‘My DVD collection bears the scars of late-night one-click impulse sessions.’
    • ‘It's light-weight, and fast-loading, and the process of adding DVDs to your queue is one-click simple.’