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  • A short joke or witty remark.

    • ‘Some people start with a one-liner or a joke, I personally like short stories that in a simple way say something about the speaker, or the topic, or sometimes both at the same time.’
    • ‘Not just bytes, she is besotted by witty one-liners and mushy expressions, phrases.’
    • ‘There is a smooth flow of jokes, some nice one-liners, the sort to send the masses giggling away.’
    • ‘Although I did wonder whether they might have exchanged some witty one-liners.’
    • ‘All this is done with a wink and a smile, lots of witty one-liners and a backdrop of upbeat music.’
    • ‘An astute mixture of laughter and tears, the screenplay constantly pulls back from the edge of outright sentimentality with a sarcastic one-liner or a cheeky remark.’
    • ‘Given that he has roughly the same access to each event as his readers, Smith relies heavily upon the witty one-liner which encapsulates the experience for his reader.’
    • ‘In between is again a lot of action and witty one-liners thrown in.’
    • ‘Instead of long explanatory diatribes on the reason for doing, or being, it spits out witty one-liners that cut the legs off apathy.’
    • ‘This premise sort of sets up many of the one-liners and jokes that permeate the film.’
    • ‘This becomes a running gag, along with plenty of witty and clever one-liners.’
    • ‘The script must remain kiddie friendly, as well as laying down witty one-liners for the growns.’
    • ‘Occasionally, Alex and Emma manages to throw out a witty one-liner and there are isolated occasions when the romantic elements show signs of life.’
    • ‘Like the violent cinema of China and Japan, there were no quips, no one-liners, no rise in a trumpets or hugs whenever someone died.’
    • ‘It depends on one-liners and historical in-jokes that take a great deal of energy to follow.’
    • ‘I've always tried to defuse situations with a one-liner, quip, or smile.’
    • ‘There are sight gags a plenty, and some great one-liners and verbal repartee.’
    • ‘As a result, emails from men tend to be short, and are often one-liners.’
    • ‘He was warm, witty and faced each day armed with a brace of one-liners and a trademark cheeky grin.’
    • ‘Has anything inspired the oft-dubbed king of the one-liner to create a corking new joke recently?’
    joke, witticism, funny remark, witty remark, jest, quip, pun, sally, pleasantry, epigram, aphorism



/ˈˌwən ˈlīnər/ /ˈˌwən ˈlaɪnər/