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‘So you don't put your one-sidedness, your bias or conditionality, into it.’
  • ‘The writer, an official reassigned in the UN administration from the Dutch colonial administration, complains of the one-sidedness of the UN administration who ignored such aspirations of the people.’
  • ‘But in a recent panel discussion at the American Enterprise Institute, two experts warned that academic one-sidedness matters very much indeed, and is clearly having harmful results.’
  • ‘Though the study just described did not involve political or moral issues, the results show that one-sidedness, and consequently extremeness, can be heightened when people are communicating over the Internet.’
  • ‘His lack of respect for those who were excluded, whether socially, politically or artistically, from the Revolution, renders his account suspect in its one-sidedness.’
  • ‘I don't expect any of this to happen, of course, but I like to fantasize about the problems that could be solved simply by eliminating the one-sidedness of most consumer contracts.’
  • ‘The result of this one-sidedness is exchanges like this wrap-up exchange at the end of her interview yesterday on WPHT radio in Philadelphia.’
  • ‘The sheer one-sidedness of the treatment of the Chancellor may go down very well with readers of The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph but it fails to answer almost all of the questions and concerns that were raised at the start of this review.’
  • ‘However, Australian democracy - if it is to avoid becoming moribund through one-sidedness - needs a genuine competition at the Federal level.’
  • ‘That reservoir of opinions, attitudes and slants lifts our tolerance for one-sidedness into an appetite for edifying entertainment.’
  • ‘We bring up this last point because it seems sometimes that this… er, one-sidedness, applies to your network as well as yourself.’
  • ‘Second, as can happen with the forceful statement of any thesis, Oz's argument is subject to a certain one-sidedness, as illustrated by this.’
  • ‘Subsequent writings exposed the one-sidedness of most American mass-media coverage of the area and its conflicts.’
  • ‘I wasn't naïve: I knew what musicians were like and the transiency and one-sidedness of relationships they trailed behind them.’
  • ‘Extreme one-sidedness, they argue, pollutes and diminishes.’
  • ‘The evidence is mounting that there is an ideological one-sidedness to university campuses today.’
  • ‘It's hard to turn corners in a stretch limo, so we went the long route into town, enjoying the smoked-glass one-sidedness of seeing all.’
  • ‘Some traditional rabbis and religious pundits have taken issue with what they see as the film's one-sidedness.’



/ˈwən ˈˌsīdidnis/ /ˈwən ˈˌsaɪdɪdnɪs/