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one-track mind

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  • Used in reference to a person whose thoughts are preoccupied with one subject or interest.

    ‘The ones who are guiding the government's economic decisions from inside or outside - mostly former World Bank and IMF employees - have one-track minds.’
    • ‘. Having decided that he's going to ride the sponsorship scandal to the finish line, he had a one-track mind in these debates.’
    • ‘The tram ride all the way to Spencer St Station is futile, with my sleep-deprived one-track mind hallucinating so there is a giant Red Bull can on top of every blue sedan I see.’
    • ‘Well that is fine and good, but that is their only strategy to get out of a deficit budget position (they have a one-track mind, and the traffic on it is very light).’
    • ‘Wicksteed, who uses my own legitimate title of Cosmologer rather than his real name, is a sick individual with a one-track mind and is driven by the same sort of hatred.’
    • ‘Because I don't have a one-track mind, I seem to have a foot in each of two camps of thought - related, though not outrightly so.’
    • ‘You've got a one-track mind, but most women don't take that train.’
    • ‘Today's media has a one-track mind that repeats sound bites and is rarely able to provide detailed and relevant news coverage.’
    • ‘Her one-track mind and obsession with the sport makes her sound like a certain German racing driver who won't settle for second best.’
    • ‘Sometimes it's hard to be the girl who has a one-track mind all the time…’
    • ‘It seems that he suddenly appreciates that to retire from professional rugby is no longer to be compelled to have a one-track mind.’
    • ‘Johnson, with her one-track mind for track, soon was forced to do less training when injuries halted her progress.’
    • ‘We all have a one-track mind and we try and filter out things that disagree with us.’
    • ‘But when it comes to work he has a one-track mind and, make no mistake, at the end there waves a chequered flag.’
    • ‘Age, a new outlook on life and experience have helped change his once one-track mind.’
    • ‘I have commented before on decent articles about linguistic topics getting stupid titles stuck on them by editors who seem to have one-track minds limited to words and symbols and tongues and noises you make with your mouth.’
    • ‘The 11-year age gap between Luisa and her two young admirers is magnified by the emphasis on her maturity and experience contrasted with the boys' foolish, one-track minds.’
    • ‘I'm sure it will open a whole new horizon for your one-track mind.’
    • ‘‘Good evening, good sir,’ Gavin said cheerfully, then promptly began ignoring the man as his generally one-track mind decided to settle itself on the wide array of food that littered the table.’
    • ‘She got up from the couch and took her bag with her, ‘You really do have a one-track mind, don't you?’’


one-track mind

/ˌwənˌtrak ˈmīnd/ /ˌwənˌtræk ˈmaɪnd/