Definition of one after another in English:

one after another

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(also one after the other)
  • Following each other in quick succession.

    ‘one after another the buses drew up’
    • ‘The firefighters made a chair by linking arms and carried the couple out, one after the other, to a waiting boat moored to their garden gate.’
    • ‘She ran her two best times of the year, one after the other.’
    • ‘I ate 10 bars of chocolate one after the other when I was feeling very low.’
    • ‘Three lessons of physics on a Thursday afternoon, one after the other.’
    • ‘Ms. McGarvie says it has become trendy to be in a series of year-long relationships, one after another.’
    • ‘This could conceivably mean that Paul Simon, U2, and Eminem will all be performing one after the other.’
    • ‘This morning we flew over Lake George as the sun rose, illuminating the dams one after the other like beacons.’
    • ‘Events follow one after another and there comes a scene where the authorities hold him captive and question his identity.’
    • ‘Rock and roll numbers, soul blockbusters and blues' anthems are knocked out one after the other at a breathless pace.’
    • ‘While the three stories are separate and told one after the other, they share certain characters as well as the setting.’
    successive, succeeding, following, in succession, running, in a row, one after the other, back-to-back, continuous, solid, straight, uninterrupted, unbroken