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one-armed bandit

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  • A slot machine operated by pulling a long handle at the side.

    • ‘The reality is simply that much of the money these trusts disperse to charities comes from gambling - from one-armed bandits and slot machines, etc.’
    • ‘Instead, the one-armed bandit operated stock scams said to have helped establish the fortunes of many of today's local social elite.’
    • ‘Players who fancy the thrill of the one-armed bandits will also find ample entertainment with 10 games to choose from including Lucky Seven, Sphinx Hijinx, Safe Cracker and Forbidden Fruit.’
    • ‘It's got gold-plated ceramic tiles and a thousand one-armed bandits.’
    • ‘Unable to comprehend her and worried by his mother's addiction to the one-armed bandits at the local casino, Paul loses Marie to Albert, her boss.’
    • ‘The boys generally enjoyed the game; like the one-armed bandit of any casino, there is entertainment value in the game itself, regardless of losing the points one had previously earned.’
    • ‘An ordinary gambling machine, otherwise known as a fruit machine or one-armed bandit, is designed in such a way that when you put in a coin, a causal mechanism operates, and you do or do not get coins out, a pay-out.’
    • ‘I feel a little like I'm sitting in front of a one-armed bandit with three jackpot symbols showing and the final wheel still spinning.’
    • ‘We stood there, row after row of blank-faced benefactors, feeding coins in to what are now called fruit machines, but were once known more accurately as one-armed bandits.’
    • ‘Playing from their own homes, they are becoming addicted to poker, blackjack, one-armed bandits and betting on events such as the Oscars.’
    • ‘If even an amateur gambler wins more than $600 on a one-armed bandit - the traditional type of slot machine - that person has to produce two legitimate forms of identification before receiving the payout.’
    • ‘Walking back to his room, he passed a bank of slot machines, and three cherries rang up in his brain: What if he designed an experiment using aroma and one-armed bandits - a totally salesperson-free control group!’
    • ‘If you have one-armed bandits in every bar and restaurant, you're going to lure more people into tempting their limits.’
    • ‘Though his fondness for casinos has abated, he makes an occasional pilgrimage back to the one-armed bandits, and he plays the stock market even after the dot-com crash.’
    • ‘The premise is the following: a band of ordinary Las Vegas tourists are summoned to an eccentric reception by virtue of having each won a golden chip from the one-armed bandits.’
    • ‘They seem to consist of one-armed bandits stacked with impossible odds, cranes that are designed to lift a prize an inch before dumping it, and often a surly individual doling out change.’
    • ‘Bingo continued after the win however, seven nights a week, with £100 spend nightly on one-armed bandits…’
    • ‘The drone of the poker machines, roulette wheels and craps tables is punctuated by the bleeps, trills and occasional rattling of coins from the one-armed bandits.’
    • ‘It cost me more last week to replace my lost 9-iron than my wife spent on her annual communion with one-armed bandits.’
    • ‘The cheapest one-armed bandits are just 25c, which sounds like good value until you're tempted to win bigger amounts by playing three coins at a time.’


one-armed bandit

/wən ärmd ˈbandit/ /wən ɑrmd ˈbændɪt/