Definition of one by one in English:

one by one

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  • Separately and in succession; singly.

    ‘He looked at each man in the room one by one and warned them icily what would happen if they were foolish enough to talk.’
    • ‘The steps, which have been blocked off since the end of July, are being replaced one by one.’
    • ‘To her horror, he doesn't stop there and goes on to admit all his crimes one by one.’
    • ‘Mr Clegg then carried the group one one by one to the safety of the ground below.’
    • ‘Then it was time for all the sixth graders to go up one by one to get their promotion papers.’
    • ‘The doctor said that anyone who wanted to see her could come one by one to say goodbye.’
    • ‘We were able to put a platform across and took each person out of the lift, one by one.’
    • ‘We left quietly, one by one, without telling anyone and without taking anything with us.’
    • ‘I suggested she made notes and then at the end of each section I would deal with her individual remarks one by one.’
    • ‘I re-organised my finances, sold some shares and then paid off my cards one by one until my debt was gone.’
    one by one, one at a time, one after the other, individually, separately, by oneself, on one's own