Definition of one cannot say in English:

one cannot say


(also one could not say)
  • One does not know.

    ‘He said the four doors of the ill-fated coach were bolted though he could not say whether they were closed from inside or outside.’
    • ‘At this stage he cannot say if he will produce any more music, but if inspiration strikes, who knows.’
    • ‘He thinks he got a touch of the ball but everything was happening in a blur and he cannot say for certain.’
    • ‘Whether this is a good or bad thing, I cannot say.’
    • ‘Whether the EU matches its efforts in that direction with a concomitant effort towards educating its own peoples I cannot say.’
    • ‘Yes, well I cannot say whether the method was correct, I'm not a law enforcement expert.’
    • ‘She had won in the end, although she could not say how.’
    • ‘Ashley suddenly felt herself tense, though she could not say why.’
    • ‘When Anne had left that day, Catherine had felt like sobbing, and she could not say why.’
    • ‘She did not test the stain so she could not say what the material was.’