Definition of one flesh in English:

one flesh


  • Used to refer to the spiritual and physical union of two people in a relationship, especially marriage.

    ‘my body is his, his is mine: one flesh’
    • ‘Man and wife, by their marriage union, become one flesh; Christ and true believers, by this union, become one spirit.’
    • ‘But we must remember the Lord's stress that marriage is the union of one flesh.’
    • ‘Children express the two in one flesh of marriage.’
    • ‘In a typically vivid image, Taylor summarizes his view that in the one flesh of marriage the differences between man and woman are almost overcome.’
    • ‘Some students will readily conclude that this rule of law rejects the biblical view of marriage as two in one flesh and the family as an integrated moral unit.’
    • ‘God likens this to the marriage relationship where two people become one flesh.’
    • ‘As St. Paul wrote, ‘The two shall become one flesh,’ indicating that in a true and complete marriage absolutely nothing is held back from one's spouse.’
    • ‘So I talked about Eve being made from Adam, thus being one flesh and the basis of marriage/family, as Jesus taught.’
    • ‘The Bible than says, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.’’
    • ‘I believe many marriages fail because people pull in their own directions, and not as the one flesh God says they are.’


    With biblical allusion to Gen. 2:24.