Definition of one for the books in English:

one for the books


  • An extraordinary feat or event.

    ‘‘Well that's one for the books. ‘Unknown hole appears in the side of a 22 foot yacht and sinks.’’
    • ‘But after what I witnessed, what we all saw well, I guess your report will be one for the books, to say the least’
    • ‘‘This was one for the books,’ the boy says, suddenly imitating his father's banal, platitude-ridden speech.’
    • ‘As in 1942, Williams provided an early indication that the 1947 season was going to be one for the books.’
    • ‘And one for the books, the corporate giant giving investors the biggest dividend payout in history.’
    • ‘I already know this night is going to be one for the books so don't miss.’
    • ‘This contest was one for the books because of what took place between the chalk lines.’
    • ‘For a team who have been full of surprises their final capitulation was definitely one for the books.’
    • ‘Wednesday a week or so back was one for the books!’
    • ‘Somewhere around then though we got drunk in the burger bar which was one for the books.’