Definition of one for the road in English:

one for the road

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  • A final drink, especially an alcoholic one, before leaving for home.

    • ‘police forces are saying don't have one for the road—have none for the road’
    • ‘You've got a thirty - mile drive home on icy roads and your friends are encouraging you to have another drink - one for the road.’
    • ‘He'd had a few, one or two, and one for the road, and decided to go into jealousy mode.’
    • ‘Ah then you'll be wanting one for the road then.’
    • ‘‘Too many individuals who know they should not drive can still be cajoled by friends or family to have one for the road,’ he said.’
    • ‘Nothing can bring him back, but we hope that his death will make all of us realise the consequences of having one for the road’
    • ‘Of course, there is no harm in having one for the road too!’
    • ‘I had one for the road and left Key West without any hard feelings.’
    • ‘I really should be going, but a tiny little one for the road sounds simply divine.’