Definition of one might as well in English:

one might as well


  • 1Used to make an unenthusiastic suggestion.

    ‘I might as well begin’
    • ‘We might as well begin our quest to improve Anglo-German relations at the very top.’
    • ‘I suggest to her that they might as well stop giving out tickets for now.’
    • ‘So I might as well stop trying to write novels in which real people move.’
    • ‘And if we're going to disrespect the place, we might as well have the decency to spell it right.’
    • ‘Someone has to be the focus of the party and it might as well be you.’
    • ‘He's never going to go away, you know, so we might as well get used to it.’
  • 2Used to indicate that a situation is the same as if the hypothetical thing stated were true.

    ‘for readers seeking illumination, this book might as well have been written in Serbo-Croatian’
    • ‘Okay, that's not quite true, but it might as well be, because bubbly is everywhere in Reims.’
    • ‘When that hate finds its way into the mainstream consciousness, it might as well be true.’
    • ‘The planet is never named, because it might as well be the whole universe in this book.’
    • ‘If my husband was going to get ill it might as well be somewhere nice.’
    • ‘If they're going to make you fight, you might as well do the job properly.’
    • ‘Well, if we're going to put up with water-cured bacon, we might as well pay as little as possible for it.’