Definition of one of the boys in English:

one of the boys


  • An accepted member of a group, especially a group of men.

    ‘he expected to be treated just like one of the boys’
    • ‘Ms. Patton is one of the boys’
    • ‘Did he feel like one of the boys or did they treat him like a technician?’
    • ‘But on this particular morning, he decided to try and be one of the boys with me.’
    • ‘I spent the first few years of my 12 in the Air Force trying my best to be one of the boys.’
    • ‘Friedman is treated in some ways much more as one of the boys than is the other woman on the team of eight screenwriters.’
    • ‘The classroom joker at mainstream Old Clee Infants' School in Grimsby, he thrives on the rough and tumble of being just one of the boys.’
    • ‘The warrant the police used to enter and search Aspinall's home was for police officers only - and Cherry was not one of the boys in blue.’
    • ‘Back in the day, no one wanted to go near him, now, he's just one of the boys.’
    • ‘In McDonnell's pub, we find the legend casually dressed as one of the boys.’
    • ‘The first couple of days I think it was a bit of a novelty factor for the other clients here at the Centre, but now I'm just one of the boys.’
    • ‘But Stan was not there to do anything more than simply be one of the boys, shooting more underwater video footage for himself.’