Definition of onion-domed in English:



See onion dome

‘It is Sunday, I am in the onion-domed Alexander Nevski cathedral in Tallinn in Estonia, and I happen upon a Russian Orthodox ‘Adoration of the Eucharist’ - a spiritual experience never to be surpassed.’
  • ‘The gleaming, onion-domed Saint Nicholas' Cathedral on boulevard Tsarevitch has to be one of Nice's biggest surprises, surrounded as it is by typically French mid-rise apartment complexes.’
  • ‘The onion-domed Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Church is one of Kodiak's landmarks.’
  • ‘A little wooden onion-domed monastery with various other houses and windmills all strangely made without the use of nails made this ‘World Heritage site’ the highlight of the whole trip for me!’
  • ‘These onion-domed churches that punctuate several cityscapes belong to the so-called Eastern Churches still functioning and even thriving as places of worship.’