Definition of onion bag in English:

onion bag


informal Soccer
  • A goal net (used especially in the context of scoring a goal)

    • ‘when it comes to finding the international onion bag, there is no one better at the job than Carter’
    • ‘He may be 32 now but he can still put the ball in the onion bag from anywhere and has not lost his fast feet.’
    • ‘Crespo eventually thwacks it into the onion bag but from an offside position.’
    • ‘I may be knocking on a bit but I'd like to think that I still know where the old onion bag is!’
    • ‘The scoring of goals has always been a problem for the Australians, but against Dublin on Wednesday, they stuck a few into the onion bag.’
    • ‘But if we had put one in the onion bag ourselves we would not have lost.’


onion bag

/ˈənyən baɡ/ /ˈənjən bæɡ/