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onion dome

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  • A dome which bulges in the middle and rises to a point, used especially in Russian church architecture.

    ‘The onion dome is sheathed in copper and has a rimu interior, and along with the wrought iron walls was built by the Christchurch firm, Veronese Brothers.’
    • ‘However, it is pretty to look at with set and costumes echoing the Olivier film of Henry V apart from possibly the earliest onion dome in western Europe, and has a soundtrack which plays a quite important part.’
    • ‘The 19 th-century Palais Massena is also well worth a visit, as is the Russian Orthodox St Nicolas Cathedral, with its onion domes, one of the city's most distinctive landmarks.’
    • ‘You'll see twin onion domes rising in the distance long before you arrive at this massive abbey standing in the middle of nowhere.’
    • ‘Before we reached the summit of Shipka, from far off glinted the golden onion domes of the Church of the Nativity.’
    • ‘Similarly, the shot of Isaac's Cathedral with its colossal onion domes is awe-inspiring.’
    • ‘The onion domes of St Nicholas Cathedral gleam in the sunlight.’
    • ‘Like his father, he favoured the dumping of Muscovite architecture into St Petersburg's classical townscape; the more onion domes the better, even if long-established residents hated them.’
    • ‘The northern view up the canal is dominated by the onion domes of the Church of the Saviour, or the Church on Spilled Blood, named after its construction on the site of the assassination of Alexander II.’
    • ‘You will see lots of onion domes in Cleric and other architecture that is distinct to the land and the time.’
    • ‘He works on mirror images - onion domes and the Neva river set against the baroque mouldings and the ‘blowzy arabesques’ of the Red Fort and the ‘much molested’ Jumna.’
    • ‘He and his filthy, ravenous companions invaded the compound of onion domes and gilded towers that had been spared the destruction of official atheist zeal, and they did their part in defacing and vandalizing it.’
    • ‘Nowadays, I'm itching to to see the onion domes and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, as well as Red Square and Lenin's Tomb in Moscow.’
    • ‘We pass a preposterous monument to polychrome and gilded onion domes.’
    • ‘On to Uglich, home of Boris Godunov, more onion domes, and yes, you guessed it, icons.’


onion dome

/ˈənyən dōm/ /ˈənjən doʊm/