Definition of onshoring in English:



  • The practice of transferring a business operation that was moved overseas back to the country from which it was originally relocated.

    Also called reshoring

    ‘onshoring stimulates regional and local economies’
    • ‘The software company represents the fourth solution, U.S. onshoring.’
    • ‘This suggests that energy-intensive sectors are more likely to experience onshoring.’
    • ‘China is no longer the low-cost supplier of labor, and onshoring is becoming a viable possibility for many companies.’
    • ‘Demands for reduced cycle times provide an incentive for nearshoring or onshoring.’
    • ‘Stronger standards are also leading to more onshoring of American jobs.’
    • ‘Movements like onshoring, pushed by the current administration, have gained steam as the jobs market remains anemic.’
    • ‘Onshoring of production of these other fuel efficiency components is already happening.’
    • ‘There is a trend back to onshoring with more work being done here because you've got better consistency of quality.’
    • ‘The short term savings from offshoring or onshoring are pocket change relative to losing the value of the intellectual property.’
    • ‘In a globalized world and given the economic environment in the West, onshoring should be given as much importance as offshoring.’



/ˈänˌSHôriNG/ /ˈɑnˌʃɔrɪŋ/ /ˈônˌSHôriNG/ /ˈɔnˌʃɔrɪŋ/


Early 21st century on the pattern of offshoring.