Definition of ontic in English:



  • Relating to entities and the facts about them; relating to real as opposed to phenomenal existence.

    • ‘Kant is not saying that objects must conform to empirical knowledge, that entities must conform to ontic knowledge, but that objects must conform to synthetic a priori knowledge, entities to ontological knowledge.’
    • ‘Spacetime coincidences play this privileged ontic role because they are invariant and, thus, univocally determined.’
    • ‘Generally, the line taken is that although there are certain limitations to scientific knowledge, these are noetic rather than ontic.’
    • ‘From the sum total of such particular ontic experiences, Heidegger generalizes a set of constants that govern a broader ‘ontological’ state common to all human beings.’
    • ‘In most Western philosophical systems, ontic truth is universal; it applies to all humankind.’


1940s from Greek ōn, ont- ‘being’ + -ic.