Definition of ontological argument in English:

ontological argument


  • The argument that God, being defined as most great or perfect, must exist, since a God who exists is greater than a God who does not.

    ‘So, in the end, all three arguments reduce to the ontological argument, which tells us that God must exist, since existence belongs to the very concept of God.’
    • ‘However, the contention that the cosmological argument depends on the ontological argument is based on a confusion.’
    • ‘The most important of those proofs were the ontological argument, the cosmological argument, and the teleological argument.’
    • ‘A third argument - now dubbed the ontological argument - maintains that the greatest possible being must exist since it is logically contradictory to assert otherwise.’
    • ‘Does anybody else know of any other ontological arguments?’


ontological argument

/ˌän(t)əˌläjəkəl ˈärɡyəmənt/ /ˌɑn(t)əˌlɑdʒəkəl ˈɑrɡjəmənt/