Definition of oocyst in English:



  • A cyst containing a zygote formed by a parasitic protozoan such as the malaria parasite.

    • ‘The goal of this study was to compare the effects of malaria oocysts and sporozoites on the two mechanisms that could affect the mosquito's biting rate: motivation and efficiency.’
    • ‘Once T. gondii has bred in the brain of a cat that has ingested an infected rat, the parasite's oocysts are expelled with the cat's feces.’
    • ‘These parasites are transmitted via oocysts that are excreted with the feces of the host.’
    • ‘Infection is acquired by ingestion of viable tissue cysts in meat or oocysts excreted by cats that contaminate the environment.’
    • ‘Maturation of the oocysts leads to sporozoite release into the hemocoel.’