Definition of oospore in English:



  • The thick-walled zygote of certain algae and fungi, formed by fertilization of an oosphere.

    • ‘Spherical, dark green Vaucheria propagules, presumably oospores, were observed among the far more common diatoms, nematodes, angiosperm vessel members, and sand fragments in the slurry.’
    • ‘The progeny were derived from oospores generated in infected leaves (in vivo) and were recovered from sporulating lesions formed on leaves that were floated on water containing soil with oospores.’
    • ‘Of an estimated 45,000 oospores spread onto germination plates from each isolation, 500 germinated.’
    • ‘Translocations create the possibility of obtaining one, two, or three copies of a locus or region, which may result in balanced lethals or in high frequencies of nonviable oospores, as observed in many crosses.’
    • ‘The role of oospores in causing early season primary infections is not clear at present.’