Definition of opah in English:



  • A large deep-bodied fish with a deep blue back, silvery belly, and crimson fins, living in deep oceanic waters.

    Also called moonfish

    Lampris guttatus, family Lampridae

    ‘One fish I wish I could see with my own eyes is the brilliant opah, or moonfish.’
    • ‘Menu concoctions include opah (moon fish) caught along the Kohala Coast, salmon, and seaweed grown at the Big Island's Natural Energy Lab.’
    • ‘The opah, despite being toothless, and of majestic build, pursues and eats other fish and squid.’
    • ‘High on my personal list is opah, or moon-fish, which I have eaten in Hawaii on several occasions.’
    • ‘Recipes call for fish that run from commonplace to exotic (when was the last time your grocery store carried opah?).’



/ˈōpə/ /ˈoʊpə/


Mid 18th century a West African word.