Definition of open-endedness in English:



See open-ended

  • ‘Essential then to Hyde's approach is spontaneity, change, open-endedness, and fragmentation.’
  • ‘He points out that ‘rights’ introduce a flexibility and open-endedness that no rule can capture.’
  • ‘If the US pursues its historic mission to co-opt the rest of the world into its scheme of values, it cannot wholeheartedly embrace the open-endedness of market-state politics.’
  • ‘Considering the choice on offer, and the open-endedness of most of them, every competent A-Level student should be able to write well enough to get at least 70%.’
  • ‘But when the tools they use and the rhetoric of the form stress the open-endedness of what they're doing, the constant changingness of it, they'll approach it in a different spirit.’