Definition of open-heartedness in English:



See open-hearted

‘His open-heartedness is contagious; his sincerity and enthusiasm burning a comet-like trail across television's otherwise dark, cynical skies.’
  • ‘My mother, particularly, and my father sensed a strong affinity with things Irish and the Irish approach to life - with an open-heartedness that people seem to have there.’
  • ‘A friend recently suggested to me that what makes a strong show is open-heartedness: when a cast is truly excited about the text and the characters and demonstrates having struggled with their interpretation.’
  • ‘This is how it should be, smiles, open-heartedness and enjoyment of the moment.’
  • ‘But it also calls for a New Bottom Line in American society to transcend the ethos of materialism and selfishness and create a world based on caring and compassion, generosity, and open-heartedness.’



/ˌōp(ə)nˈhärdədnəs/ /ˌoʊp(ə)nˈhɑrdədnəs/