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  • (of an audiotape recorder) having reels of tape requiring individual threading, as distinct from a cassette.

    ‘When I was a kid, I discovered, in a cupboard at home, a huge open-reel tape recorder, bought by my Dad in the 1950s.’
    • ‘The manuscript and printed material is now stored in fifteen archive boxes, whilst the forty-four sound recordings, comprising thirty-nine cassette and five open-reel items, are shelved separately.’
    • ‘The label obtains open-reel tapes (or very good quality LP pressings) of classical recordings some might consider ‘caviare for the general.’’
    • ‘The label obtains open-reel tapes (or, in the case of the Boult selections, very good quality LP pressings) of classical recordings with a certain cult cachet.’
    • ‘To learn the art of kodan, he studied open-reel tapes of his father that had been donated to the Theater Museum.’
    • ‘Though it suddenly became much easier to tape songs off the radio, I lagged behind the tech curve, stuck in 3-inch open-reel land.’



/ˌōpənˈrēl/ /ˌoʊpənˈril/