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  • (of a shoe) having an upper that does not cover the toes.

    ‘Wear open-toed shoes such as sandals or flip flops.’
    • ‘Heck, I even wore open-toed shoes, I didn't realize those were a poor choice.’
    • ‘Sturdy footwear does not include any type of open-toed shoe or sandal.’
    • ‘I think it was probably a pair of shiny gold sling-back open-toed sandals.’
    • ‘Do stockings even go with open-toed shoes (sandals)?’
    • ‘You also should avoid sandals, open-toed shoes, high-heeled shoes, and shoes with pointed toes.’
    • ‘No open-toed shoes or sandals are to be worn and appropriate gloves must be used on contact with the book.’
    • ‘They're these gorgeous little open-toed slingbacks in black satin and with a not-too-high, not-too-short heel of about 3 1/2 inches.’
    • ‘In spite of current fashion and the sandal rage, open-toed or backless shoes are not office attire. Not only are sandals a safety hazard, they suggest a certain official agenda.’
    • ‘Be aware that I will be taking black gaffing tape to New York and you will find yourself with tape on your open-toed shoes.’
    • ‘The splint consists of a bar (the length of which is the distance between the baby's shoulders) with high top open-toed shoes attached at the ends of the bar in about 70 degrees of external rotation.’
    • ‘For decades, pants and open-toed shoes freed women from panty hose.’
    • ‘I even shop for cute open-toed shoes, to have a variety.’
    • ‘Pedicures are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the prevalence of open-toed shoes (even at this time of the year).’
    • ‘It's late September and I'm wearing open-toed shoes, post-Labor Day faux pas be damned.’
    • ‘Similarly, open-toed shoes have become more widely accepted in warm months.’
    • ‘The woman sitting next to her wore an open-necked blouse and open-toed shoes with thin straps.’
    • ‘She was at least a head shorter than me, plump, and wore a shapeless black dress with open-toed shoes.’
    • ‘But we all know that the stereotype of chunky knit sweaters, open-toed sandals and beards is not true.’
    • ‘But men don't wear open-toed sandals too often.’



/ˈōpən tōd/ /ˈoʊpən toʊd/