Definition of open enrollment in English:

open enrollment


  • 1The policy of allowing qualifying students to enroll in the school, college, etc., of their choice from a range of available options.

    ‘Arizona has open enrollment across district lines as well as 500 charter schools’
    • ‘Among many international business schools, the move away from open enrolment to customised programmes is also continuing.’
    • ‘In other districts, open enrolment is standard practice provided space is available, but the kinds of schools available remain limited.’
    • ‘Although the class has open enrollment for all students, it is only required for those students on academic probation or suspension.’
    • ‘There is open enrollment, classes are sold in packages with generous expiration dates and the first class is free.’
    • ‘Unlike four-year institutions, community colleges, because of their mission of open enrollment, do not exclude students on the basis of high-school preparation or test scores.’
    • ‘Some Jamaicans have used the open enrollment at the City University of New York to improve their skills in order to obtain higher paying jobs and upward mobility.’
    • ‘The National Education Association and its affiliates have supported public-school choice, including magnet schools, alternate schools, and intradistrict open enrollment.’
    • ‘Unlike most states, Arizona has open enrollment across district lines as well as 500 charter schools - many started by teachers - so parents unhappy with one school can easily find another.’
    • ‘I grew up in Mound but went to Orono High School through open enrollment.’
  • 2A period during which one may freely enroll in or change one's selection of a health insurance plan or other benefit program that is ordinarily subject to restrictions.

    ‘most people will still get their insurance through their employers, and will only be able to change coverage during annual open enrollment’
    • ‘Currently, about one-fourth of large employers use Internet or intranet applications to handle open enrollment.’


open enrollment

/ˈōpən inˈrōlmənt/ /ˈoʊpən ɪnˈroʊlmənt/ /enˈrōlmənt/ /ɛnˈroʊlmənt/