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open market

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often the open market
  • An unrestricted market with free access by and competition of buyers and sellers.

    ‘These individuals are usually not recruited on the open market but are sent from subcontractors and subsidiaries.’
    • ‘So how many shares will the institutional investors in the Irish market actual want to buy on the open market?’
    • ‘The aim is to help you buy a home on the open market thus freeing up social housing for others.’
    • ‘Similarly, a company may draw components and supplies from a subsidiary or from an affiliate or on the open market.’
    • ‘About 10 per cent of the portfolio becomes vacant each year and is sold on the open market.’
    • ‘Alternatively, others are leasing out their memberships on the open market for about the same price.’
    • ‘However, a spokesman for the City Council last week said they were simply outbid for the site on the open market.’
    • ‘However, he pointed out that the issue also affected people who have bought former local authority flats on the open market.’
    • ‘People are attending burgeoning barter clubs to get what they need on the open market.’
    • ‘It was the first time a unit on the street had been let on the open market for five years.’
    • ‘The utilities would then have to purchase electricity on the open market and re-sell it to consumers.’
    • ‘The second way to make money is by trading shares on the open market, buying low and selling high.’
    • ‘Water was transformed from a human right into a commodity to be traded on the open market.’
    • ‘These will have greater freedom from Whitehall and will be able to raise private finance on the open market.’
    • ‘Now it has gone on the open market, with a price tag for the freehold weighing in at more than £295,000.’
    • ‘If he stays healthy, as a free agent he would command millions more on the open market.’
    • ‘Usually, a company buys its own shares on the open market, in the same way that private investors make purchases.’
    • ‘It is no secret that biotechs are finding it increasingly difficult to raise funds on the open market.’
    • ‘If put on the open market this must be worth £25 million to private developers.’
    • ‘It was put on the open market last June by the present owner to attract a private buyer.’


open market

/ˌōp(ə)n ˈmärkət/ /ˌoʊp(ə)n ˈmɑrkət/