Definition of open question in English:

open question


  • A matter on which differences of opinion are possible; a matter not yet decided.

    ‘whether his claim was genuine or not is an open question’
    • ‘In fact, many writers on the subject recommend that open questions are used as little as possible in self-completion questionnaires.’
    • ‘All of these things are open questions that are subject to proof and experimentation as we go down the road.’
    • ‘There are certainly open questions and unresolved issues.’
    • ‘The answers to open questions do not only reflect divisiveness, specific issue and interest orientation and a lack of connection to broad collective aspirations in the society.’
    • ‘Now this is their own area, it is still an open question who will win in the other issues, the weblogs or the newswires.’
    • ‘The overall effect of the article is to present the cause of the fire as a matter under investigation but at the same time an open question.’
    • ‘We should have a clear knowledge that our research and advocacy efforts will prove our current capabilities, but it is how we answer these open questions that will inspire our achievements in the future.’
    • ‘There are open questions, but proof we do not have.’
    • ‘I'm interested in making a list of the values we believe are necessary for blogging or are open questions to discuss in the Core Values of the Web session.’
    • ‘After four momentous years, those are both still open questions.’
    • ‘There were any number of open questions going into this show.’
    • ‘And hundreds were killed, hundreds were wounded, and there are still open questions on a great many more.’
    • ‘Yes, there are open questions in all the dossiers, certainly, but the greatest number are on the biological sector.’
    • ‘Public discussion of these open questions, they contend, is all but silenced.’
    • ‘All open questions were hastily avoided or glossed over by means of power, so the two soldiers can soon be sent home to more of their peers.’
    • ‘Faith has nothing to do with certainty: it is not a set of closed answers, but rather a series of open questions with which to engage.’
    • ‘How this might work out in other parts of the world like China is still a very open questions, and exciting to explore.’
    • ‘That there are false notes and open questions here she never denies.’
    • ‘It feels right and there are lots of open questions and growth points.’
    • ‘These are open questions, to be answered by time or by those more qualified than myself.’


open question

/ˈōpən ˈkwesCHən/ /ˈoʊpən ˈkwɛstʃən/ /ˈkweSHCHən/ /ˈkwɛʃtʃən/