Definition of open someone's eyes in English:

open someone's eyes


  • Enlighten someone about certain realities; cause someone to realize or discover something.

    ‘the letter finally opened my eyes to the truth’
    • ‘The culture they discover will open their eyes to new things and allow them to appreciate the British way of life.’
    • ‘I think that the Japanese people need to open their eyes and realize that they do not live in this world alone.’
    • ‘If you can only open your eyes, you will realize that I am addressing you not them.’
    • ‘He had intended to try his hand at a little matchmaking, to try and get them to open their eyes and realize that they were perfect for each other.’
    • ‘When he stops shooting they open their eyes and realize that the bullets didn't make it through.’
    • ‘Tragically, we often fail to open our eyes and realize this country of ours is teaming with unappreciated natural beauty and diversity.’
    • ‘The obtuse authoritarian administration has finally opened its eyes and realized that it must do something to address long-standing public rancor.’
    • ‘As they open their eyes new leaders realize many of the gurus, experts, coaches, academics, and authorities, they listen to are charlatans who do not live what they talk and write about.’
    • ‘The least we can do is to realize the nature of that machine and open our eyes.’
    • ‘Someone has to open our eyes and ears and help us to discover what lies beyond our own perception.’
    inform, make aware, notify, tell, advise, let know, illuminate, open someone's eyes, apprise