Definition of open up in English:

open up

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phrasal verb

  • 1

    (also British open out)
    Become more communicative or confiding.

    • ‘neither one of them had opened up to me about their troubles’
  • 2Become present, available, or accessible.

    • ‘a new and dramatic phase was opening up’
    1. 2.1open something up, open up somethingMake something present, available, or accessible.
      • ‘new technologies open up thousands of different opportunities’
  • 3Begin shooting.

    ‘the enemy artillery had opened up’
    • ‘When their entreaties were ignored, an infantry charge was ordered, the artillery opening up behind it.’
    • ‘At the same time, American artillery opened up on other, less sensitive rebel strong points.’
    • ‘Men who went over-the-top in trenches stood little chance when the enemy opened up with their machine guns.’
    • ‘US tanks and artillery opened up, flattening houses where insurgents were thought to be hiding.’
  • 4open something up, open up something informal Accelerate a motor vehicle by widening the throttle of its engine.

    • ‘The ignition key was turned, the motor purred then, as the throttle was opened up, the motor roared and the bows lifted and we skimmed across the smooth gin clear water heading for Miller Creek.’
    • ‘After putting on life vests, Ronnie started the motor and we moved off slowly as the throttle was opened up.’
    • ‘I put the trim one notch above dead even, and opened the throttle up all the way.’
    • ‘The engineer on the throttle slowly opened it up and the machine sniffed, then slowly the piston arm came down, up again.’
  • 5open something up, open up something(of a player or team) create an advantage for one's side.

    ‘he opened up a lead of 14–8’
    • ‘You have a lot more power plays and you get ahead and the other teams have to open it up.’
    • ‘He can score in bunches, and that opens things up for his teammates.’
    • ‘He has played a more balanced game this season, but the team needs him to be more aggressive on offense because he opens things up for his teammates.’
    • ‘We're going to open the game up and have five basketball players on the floor and all are going to do the same.’
    • ‘Davis' presence also will help open things up for a downfield passing game.’
    • ‘We're not playing with enough confidence and we don't seem to be getting into the right areas of the field to be able to open teams up.’
    • ‘Mobley's ability to create shots for himself and others should open things up considerably for PG Steve Francis, who has been facing more and more double-teams.’
    • ‘You have to provide guile, craft and quality service through to your frontmen to open teams up at this level.’
    • ‘After apparently holding the Keighley attack at bay with some sterling defence, referee Mr McDonagh awarded a penalty for off-side. Harrison duly obliged to open a gap up at 6-10.’
    • ‘You definitely enjoy watching some of the teams that open it up a little bit more but you have a huge respect and appreciation for the teams that always seem to win.’