Definition of operand in English:



  • The quantity on which an operation is to be done.

    ‘One possibility is that arithmetic activation is based on the conceptual identity of numerical operands, regardless of operand order or position.’
    • ‘The latter is simply an array of BPF instructions that is a sequence of numeric opcodes and operands.’
    • ‘For example, there was no systematic numerical relationship between diamond operands and the associated answers.’
    • ‘Retrieval time from the memorized table increases as the operands get larger.’
    • ‘Position-specific fan effects indicate that a given operand in the left position, and the same operand in the right position, activated different numerical concepts in the diamond arithmetic memory network.’



/ˈäpəˌrand/ /ˈɑpəˌrænd/


Mid 19th century from Latin operandum, neuter gerundive of operari ‘expend labor on’ (see operate).