Definition of operatically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See operatic

‘We started discussing ideas from public life, government - things that I thought weren't very inspiring operatically.’
  • ‘Appropriately enough, the production goes operatically awry.’
  • ‘They could emote operatically and weep in the streets and threaten suicide.’
  • ‘The movie culminates in a silent, slow-motion nocturnal ballet of death staged on a rain-drenched city street, with a posse of mobsters machine-gunned down as residents gaze operatically from their windows.’
  • ‘He housed it in a refurbished steel-and-glass bank building and stuffed the menu with operatically large steak and pasta dishes, many of them of average quality, many of them drenched with unsavory amounts of truffle oil.’