Definition of operational amplifier in English:

operational amplifier


(also op-amp)
  • An amplifier with high gain and high input impedance (usually with external feedback), used especially in circuits for performing mathematical operations on an input voltage.

    ‘And with this, their conversation has shifted from op-amps to the upcoming French Open.’
    • ‘The digital communications circuit includes an impedance controller having an operational amplifier connected to control an impedance presented to the two-wire loop by the interface circuit.’
    • ‘Specially designed low noise transistors and operational amplifiers have been designed that have a very low noise figure and these are what the design engineers have used in the amplifier stages that are used in the Tower Top Amplifiers.’
    • ‘Each detector was connected to a standard 741 integrated circuit operational amplifier and a potentiometer to vary the gain of the amplifier.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that a typical IC operational amplifier may have two-dozen transistors.’


operational amplifier

/ˌäpəˈrāSHən(ə)l ˈampləˌfīər/ /ˌɑpəˈreɪʃən(ə)l ˈæmpləˌfaɪər/ /ˌäpəˈrāSHn(ə)l ˈampləˌfīər/ /ˌɑpəˈreɪʃn(ə)l ˈæmpləˌfaɪər/