Definition of operational expenditure in English:

operational expenditure

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  • Money spent on the ongoing costs of running a business or organization, such as wages and rent on premises.

    ‘he is confident of his ability to bring down the operational expenditure of the Indian railways’
    • ‘On the wholesale side, Webley offers service providers the ability to launch the service without any capital or operational expenditures.’
    • ‘In 1990 the amount applied to operational expenditure was about $45 million in round figures.’
    • ‘We aim to maximise job opportunities created by the City's capital and operational expenditure.’
    • ‘Although major customers are cutting back on operational expenditure, research and development (R & D) budgets remain intact.’
    • ‘The Department of Communications provided the finance, while the Post Office is taking care of operational expenditure, including the provision of venues, training and running costs.’
    • ‘The company has also cut operational expenditure by 18 per cent, by reducing its debt, consolidating its offices and disposing of non-core businesses.’
    • ‘Nobody really benefits directly from this scenario, except arguably the university as a whole, which will have more of its operational expenditure freed up for other purchases.’
    • ‘Municipalities spend the biggest part of their income on operational expenditure such as remuneration packages (and mayoral houses) rather than on capital expenditure such as infrastructure.’
    • ‘"If I am going to spend $10 million with a vendor, I want them to identify where I can save $10 million in operational expenditures."’
    • ‘It is able to track all operational expenditure like school fees, procurements, budget allocations and can also produce a monthly report showing the amount spent at each school.’
    • ‘"Of the (police) budget, 90 percent is allocated for nonoperational expenditure, including salaries, and only 10 percent is allocated for operational expenditure," he said.’
    • ‘The fund, which will be disbursed every quarter, would be used to pay the subdistricts' operational expenditures including telephone, electricity and water bills.’
    • ‘The economic conditions had "forced most companies to reduce the size of their labour force, cut down on operational expenditures and delay new investments".’
    • ‘The operational expenditure of the federal ministries was reduced by 20 percent.’
    • ‘Thinking creatively about financing corporate IT could lead to greater efficiency and lower capital and operational expenditure.’