Definition of opex in English:



  • Operational expenditure.

    ‘you can only cut opex so far, and most carriers are getting very close to reaching that point’
    • ‘high opex costs’
    • ‘Each evolving approach has its proponents, but the one that best proves it can decrease carriers' opex while increasing new service revenue will be the likely candidate for adoption.’
    • ‘"The more integrated you become, the less systems you have to deal with, and the less engineers you have to deal with," he says, stressing that his evolving software-based mentality will drive down both capex and opex.’
    • ‘The provider receives more revenue at higher profit because capex and opex are reduced through the use of more cost-effective optical Ethernet technology.’
    • ‘Although not as dramatic as the opex savings, NSP's analysis includes also found significant capex savings.’
    • ‘Some people will criticize this, but the proof in the pudding will be that we will reduce our opex spending significantly.’



/ˈäpeks/ /ˈɑpɛks/


1980s shortened form of operational expenditure.