Definition of ophidian in English:


Pronunciation /ōˈfidēən/ /oʊˈfɪdiən/


  • A reptile of the group Ophidia; a snake.

    ‘Some aspects of the ophidian anatomy can be explained by an aquatic mode of life of their putative ancestor, but others are more easily explained by a terrestrial ancestry of snakes.’
    • ‘If you have always been afraid of snakes, visit a zoo with an ophidian exhibit.’
    • ‘Moreover, they provide a first insight into the composition of the earliest ophidian venoms and point the way toward a research program that could elucidate the functional context of the evolution of the snake venom proteome.’
    • ‘With a price tag of about Rp 200,000, you either have to be an ophidian connoisseur or be firmly convinced of the health-giving properties.’


  • Relating to or denoting snakes.

    ‘As indicated by the morphological description above, the postcranial skeleton of Haasiophis (and Pachyrhachis) generally corresponds to an ophidian morphology with no apparent regionalization of the precaudal (precloacal) axial skeleton.’
    • ‘Alethinophidians and scolecophidians form a monophyletic ophidian clade that is also unresolved within scleroglossans.’
    • ‘Boas and pythons still possess vestigial remnants of hind limbs, called "anal claws," which indicate that they are basal members of the ophidian clade.’