Definition of ophiolitic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌäfēəˈlitik/ /ˌōfē-/



See ophiolite

‘We agree with Leong that a complex basement composed of both ophiolitic and granitic crust underlies much of Sabah.’
  • ‘The southsouthwestern boundary of the Indus Basin sediments is the shear zone of the Indus suture, with an ophiolitic melange exposed near Chilling.’
  • ‘In addition, the Central Pontides include Late Mesozoic ophiolitic rocks and ‘Neotethyan’ melange.’
  • ‘We interpret such variations as a result of sediment accumulation in small semi-isolated basins on the ophiolitic basement.’
  • ‘The ophiolitic material was derived from the Songpan-Ganzi ocean basin.’