Definition of ophthalmoscopic in English:



See ophthalmoscope

‘The diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration is based on symptoms and ophthalmoscopic findings, and the disease can be classified into atrophic and exudative forms.’
  • ‘An experienced opthalmologist performed the direct ophthalmoscopic examination on the patients.’
  • ‘In some cases, the cataract may not be apparent on casual penlight inspection but is detected by the absence or distortion of red reflex on ophthalmoscopic examination.’
  • ‘Definitive perimetric (visual field) evidence, detailed ophthalmoscopic evidence, or both confirm the diagnosis of open-angle glaucoma.’
  • ‘Significant improvements were observed in the ophthalmoscopic parameters of 11 subjects receiving bilberry.’



/ˌäpTHə(l)məˈskäpik/ /ˌɑpθə(l)məˈskɑpɪk/ /ˌäfTHə(l)məˈskäpik/ /ˌɑfθə(l)məˈskɑpɪk/