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intransitive verb

(also British opinionise)
[no object]
  • Express one's opinion about something, typically in an assertive or dogmatic way.

    ‘I'm not a journalist. I merely comment or opinionize’
    • ‘the introduction acts as a helpful corrective to his not infrequently violent opinionizing’
    • ‘Lots has happened over the last week that I think I shall opinionise about … where to start?’
    • ‘CNN, MSNBC and Fox all opinionise.’
    • ‘To clarify before opinionizing: the film has nothing whatever to do with the novel.’
    • ‘There is nothing new here for a reader of any of the standard biographies - not surprisingly, the day his father died was fraught - but some lively opinionizing.’
    • ‘There is a difference between the following types of opinionising.’
    • ‘Soyinka discusses material..with ample cross-references to Greek drama, Nietzschean aesthetics, Jungian philosophy and Sartrean opinionizing.’
    • ‘Like many who populate the media I'm not a journalist. I merely comment or opinionise -an ugly word and not always a noble practice.’
    • ‘I think that, for all of our faults, we do try much harder to put journalism first, then opinionizing second.’
    • ‘There's been a lot of opinionizing rather than doing the hard reportorial work of who did what and who didn't do what.’
    • ‘I am trying to do more thinking and less opinionizing.’
    • ‘It is the same in all the broadcasting groups and in many newspapers, where hard news long ago lost the battle with celebrity gossip and vapid opinionising.’
    • ‘The politicians are at last catching up with the endless dinner-table chatter and pub bar opinionising about the future of the Royal Family.’



/əˈpinyənīz/ /əˈpɪnjənaɪz/