Definition of opposition research in English:

opposition research


  • Investigation into the dealings of political opponents, typically in order to discredit them publicly.

    ‘opposition research may be a bit too confrontational in the normal course of a campaign but completely appropriate as a response to an attack’
    • ‘Opposition research has become an essential part of modern campaigns.’
    • ‘Conduct independent opposition research on your own campaign to identify any weaknesses that may be exploited by your opponent.’
    • ‘Any campaign that denies it's doing opposition research is either naive or untruthful.’
    • ‘There are an endless number of questions that can be asked and much of it needs to be based on opposition research.’
    • ‘What precautions should be taken to make sure that Internet-based opposition research is accurate?’
    • ‘This has become such a science at this point that a lot of the opposition research is done very, very early on in the campaign.’
    • ‘Before the campaign began, we combed through hours of opposition research.’
    • ‘Campaigns have a right to demand discretion, but to engage in opposition research and assume no one will ever find out is naive and ill serves a campaign.’
    • ‘Opposition research, when started early, can be used as a building block that permeates every aspect of the campaign.’
    • ‘Most competitive, professional campaigns engage in some form of opposition research, but go to varying lengths to conceal and even deny the fact.’
    • ‘Political parties may themselves conduct many forms of research needed to formulate a party plan, such as demographic research and opposition research.’
    • ‘He and his staff are serious collectors of opposition research.’
    • ‘She and her team understood how to use opposition research in the service of a larger goal.’
    • ‘Admittedly, much of what one "knows" about candidates comes from opposition research.’
    • ‘The gathering, use, and online storage of opposition research is nothing new.’
    • ‘Lengthy primary battles result in competing candidates essentially digging up and airing free opposition research for the other party.’