Definition of oppressiveness in English:



See oppressive

‘She reveals the oppressiveness of housework evident in the series, an unusual viewpoint at a time when heroines in other books were learning to sew and cook.’
  • ‘Heavily influenced by French romanticism, Lanusse's poetry in Les Cenelles highlights love, death, and both the pleasures and the general oppressiveness of life.’
  • ‘But in America, he suffered under the oppressiveness of Jim Crow, which forced his oversized personality into a more humble version for his white colleagues.’
  • ‘Oliver, a symbol of the oppressiveness and brutality of Victorian child labor is in this adaptation merely a sad-eyed innocent whose innocence grows tiresome.’
  • ‘As he points out, studies of the German colonial period often emphasize the actions of state and the oppressiveness of colonial authority.’



/əˈpresivnəs/ /əˈprɛsɪvnəs/