Definition of optic in English:


Pronunciation /ˈäptik/ /ˈɑptɪk/

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  • Relating to the eye or vision.

    ‘Vigilance is needed for any features of possible optic neuropathy, such as blurred vision, impaired colour perception, and reduced visual acuity’
    • ‘All patients were diagnosed as having anterior optic neuropathy.’
    • ‘The ophthalmic artery may have a separate foramen located between the optic foramen and the superior orbital fissure.’
    • ‘‘Good,’ he said, ‘and what are the causes of primary optic atrophy?’’
    • ‘In 1892, there was only a rudimentary understanding of the relationship between increased intraocular pressure and optic neuropathy.’
    optical, seeing, optic, ocular, eye


  • 1A lens or other optical component in an optical instrument.

    ‘Not only does the lens have the power of some of the white-coloured optics you've seen at sidelines of football matches and other sporting events, the Leica-made zoom features image stabilisation to reduce blur too.’
    • ‘The shop, primarily, handles optics from Leupold and Swift Instruments.’
    • ‘This method is reasonably adequate for small optics but breaks down when the optic is exposed to beams substantially larger than the area tested.’
    • ‘They presented us with a great channel to reach those who want to buy high-quality optics for their firearms.’
    • ‘Roseann Hanson has been a professional natural history guide and a field-tester of outdoor optics for the past five years.’
  • 2archaic, humorous The eye.

    organ of sight, eyeball


Late Middle English from French optique or medieval Latin opticus, from Greek optikos, from optos ‘seen’.