Definition of optic lobe in English:

optic lobe


  • A lobe in the midbrain from which the optic nerve partly arises.

    ‘Information from these receptors is processed in the optic lobes of the brain.’
    • ‘The effects of light are apparently mediated by the eyes, which are attached directly to the brain via the optic lobe.’
    • ‘Archaeopteryx even had large optic lobes to process the visual input needed for flying.’
    • ‘Their optic lobes are enlarged compared to dinosaurs found closer to the Equator, which would enable them to see better in the dark.’
    • ‘Eye discs were then separated from the optic lobe and mounted in 80% glycerol.’


optic lobe

/ˈäptik lōb/ /ˈɑptɪk loʊb/