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optical illusion

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  • 1Something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is.

    ‘It is not an optical illusion or trick photography.’
    • ‘Consider the famous optical illusion of two identical lines where one has concave triangles at its edges whilst the other has convex triangles at either end.’
    • ‘The reason many thought it was magic was because the largest of the tattoos that covered its body, as well as the vast majority, were optical illusions, causing something of a hypnosis to occur with those who dared to stare long enough.’
    • ‘Concerning that last factor, I once created an interesting set of optical illusions for a science center, a show that we called, ‘As Eye See It.’’
    • ‘Salvador Dali's Optical Illusion contains over 50 of the artist's most important paintings, so expect plenty of humour, shifting perspectives and, of course, optical illusions.’
    • ‘Loosely reminiscent of the optical illusions of M. C. Escher, Paul Noble's Public Toilet was an uninhibited glorification of the banal.’
    • ‘The President of the British Astronomical Association, Edward Walter Maunder, argued that these ‘canals’ were optical illusions.’
    • ‘With no optical illusions and only ‘pure’ magic and no curtains, frame or stage, Pandey has managed to achieve the impossible.’
    • ‘No evidence of canals were found and they were dismissed as optical illusions caused by the eye's tendency to join up noticeable landmarks with straight lines’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the canals turned out to be optical illusions.’
    • ‘Her black and white geometrical designs appealed to a young child in short trousers, looking much more like optical illusions than traditional paintings.’
    • ‘But prisoners at Westlea police station have been surprised to find themselves gazing at vivid pop art and puzzling optical illusions.’
    • ‘Not even Elizabeth could create such clever faces, like optical illusions that changed when you blinked.’
    • ‘After they spot a UFO, Frank and Joe take cover in a house filled with strange optical illusions.’
    • ‘Artists working with the ‘rules of perspective’ have created optical illusions or visual contradictions.’
    1. 1.1An experience of seeming to see something which does not exist or is other than it appears.
      ‘Everyone, from young children to my 94 year-old grandmother, is fascinated by optical illusions.’
      • ‘For instance, a very nice test of a robotic vision system would be to see whether it was susceptible to the same optical illusions that we are.’
      • ‘This results in an optical illusion known as a mirage.’
      • ‘This optical illusion is known as the ‘Moon Illusion.’’
      • ‘Recognising the fluidity and occasional capriciousness of perception, Leonardo delighted in it, contriving not only rebuses or visual puns, but also optical illusions.’
      • ‘The reason for this focus seems clear enough: from the standpoint of basic research, errors tell us a great deal about fundamental cognitive processes, just as optical illusions teach us about the functioning of the visual system.’
      • ‘Another optical illusion that causes umpires to make mistakes is the parallax error.’
      • ‘The design's angular configuration makes it possible for two people to face the piece and create an optical illusion - each person's head appears on the other's body.’
      • ‘An optical illusion is not a party trick - the mechanism behind it is central to how we perceive the world.’
      • ‘The optical illusions created by the cape intensified Johnson's keen sense of space and body, and she demonstrated a fluid dexterity with her seemingly unhinged fingers and legs.’
      • ‘Proper use of the diagonal line can cover a lot of figure flaws by creating exciting optical illusions.’
      • ‘As a kid, I used to see optical illusions that were caused by the heat on the prairie in North Dakota.’
      • ‘Jerry's the one who specializes in optical illusions, and will be one of our featured speakers at The Amaz!’
      • ‘Matt will perform in the Magic Factory, a new venue at Oakwood which not only stages his shows, but also provides fantastic optical illusions.’
      • ‘Why did the Peales, together with so many of their contemporaries, find optical illusions so enticing?’
      • ‘Following are some examples of optical illusions that can occur with various types of sewing patterns and fabrics.’
      • ‘I was looking at a website about optical illusions, and they had a great example of how natural rock formations can look like a face.’
      • ‘It seems possible that optical illusions may have had a role to play in the coining of several common proverbs regarding the use of vision as the sole source of information.’
      • ‘Its black, still waters gleam like an endless mirror, creating kaleidoscopic shades of green and endless optical illusions.’
      • ‘He said they are analogous to optical illusions.’
      • ‘Like an early Bridget Riley painting summoned to life, Universal generates more and more perplexing optical illusions the longer one watches it.’
      illusion, optical illusion, deception, figment of the imagination


optical illusion

/ˌäptək(ə)l əˈlo͞oZH(ə)n/ /ˌɑptək(ə)l əˈluʒ(ə)n/