Definition of optical isomer in English:

optical isomer


  • Each of two or more forms of a compound which have the same structure but are mirror images of each other and typically differ in optical activity.

    ‘A powerful tool to study the mechanism by which cholesterol modifies the function of ion channels is the substitution of endogenous cholesterol with its optical isomer, epicholesterol.’
    • ‘An interesting observation was that Compound D is identical to Compound Q except that they are optical isomers.’
    • ‘Its origins lie with Louis Pasteur's discovery of optical isomers.’
    • ‘Two other chemical groups are attached to this hexagon, but each can attach at two different angles, resulting in four different versions, or optical isomers.’
    • ‘When they constructed models of organic compounds using tetrahedral atoms, they were able to explain a number of phenomena, including the existence of optical isomers, first discovered by Louis Pasteur in 1848.’


optical isomer

/ˈäptəkəl ˈīsəmər/ /ˈɑptəkəl ˈaɪsəmər/