Definition of optimistically in English:


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  • In a way that shows hope and confidence about the future.

    ‘the bank optimistically predicts an economic growth rate of 5 percent’
    • ‘he spoke optimistically about what is ahead’
    • ‘The new system is optimistically targeted for a 2004 implementation.’
    • ‘The Spanish optimistically called the country "Rich Coast."’
    • ‘They'll at least want to keep you on file, for when (optimistically speaking) job positions open.’
    • ‘Using this framework the final section optimistically considers how the economics discipline is likely to rise again.’
    • ‘The organization optimistically expects this process to take four months.’
    • ‘Thus, the slight increase in retail sales for January might not be best interpreted optimistically.’
    • ‘Bankers reacted optimistically to the news yesterday, saying the opening will provide significant cost savings.’
    • ‘But luckless Paul, 40, is refusing to allow his spirits to wane and is looking optimistically to the future.’
    • ‘Although the meeting ended optimistically, the problems at the moment are getting worse.’
    • ‘I (rather optimistically) packed up a lot of my books and music some months ago in anticipation of moving!’



/ˌäptəˈmistək(ə)lē/ /ˌɑptəˈmɪstək(ə)li/